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A convenção de Supernatural em Portugal que foi cancelada há uns meses ainda está a dar que falar. Os fãs que tinham comprado os bilhetes não receberam o seu dinheiro de volta. Cliquem em baixo para ver esse artigo, escrito por Julie Caitlin Brown da Clipremiere Events, em que esta explica a situação. Podem também aceder a esta página aqui para mais detalhes, ou ao site da Clipremiere Events para mais informação.



Dear Fans of Supernatural:

My name is Julie Caitlin Brown, I own Illumina Productions, LLC and I was the booking agent for Misha Collins to attend the Supernatural event in Lisbon, Portugal this year.

This is the only statement I am going to make about the situation, so please, if you have further questions, you must ask them of the event organizer Nanci Neff, as what I am about to say is all I can say about the subject.

For those of you who do not know how this business works, I want to give you some basic information.

A promoter decides to do an event.
They contact the actor's representative and inquire as to terms and conditions for the appearance.
A contract is created. In this case, and ONLY for Misha, we used my company contract. It clearly stated that the contract was using the laws of the State of California should their be any breach of contract. This means that if there is a dispute between the promoter and the actor, the laws of California would be used to determine fault and remedy.
The contract is between the actor and the promoter, not my company and the promoter.
The booking agent and the promoter discuss the terms and come to an agreement, this was done with Miss Neff.
A deposit to use the name and likeness of the actor to promote the event is required. This is to protect the actor from promoters who do not really have the money to run an event, and to make sure that the promoter is serious about the event.
The first deposit is due very soon after the contract is signed. A second and third installment is usually paid with all of the fee due prior to the event.

This deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. The service given for this deposit is the right to use the actor's name and likeness to promote the event. In the entertainment business this is a standard practice.

The risk was well-known to Miss Neff. It was discussed many times. At no time did I hear from an attorney before, during, or after the contract was agreed to by Miss Neff.

At no time did Miss Neff insist on using her own contract or inform me that any terms and conditions of my contract were not valid in Portugal.

A deposit was paid, it was not on time, but we gave Miss Neff a chance.

A second deposit was due. It was not paid, finally after many weeks of requesting it, PART of it was paid. I was promised the balance and again, it was not paid. Then I stopped hearing from Miss Neff. When I did hear from her it was with many excuses and problems about the event.

Finally, I was told by Miss Neff that she did not have the rest of the deposit. I gave her more time to get the money. She did not pay and the last email I had from her she asked for more time.

At this time, Misha and I became concerned that Miss Neff would not be able to fulfill her contract with us and after a final email and still the contract was not fulfilled, the decision was made to terminate the agreement.

Miss Neff is now saying that our contract was not valid, that Portuguese laws did not allow for the terms of our contract, and that it was the actor's fault that the tickets were not selling. Also, that she wants us to send back the deposit, even though she was in breach of our agreement and knew that the cost of using the actors' image and name was that she paid a deposit.

The amount of money we have received is under 10,000 USD. Certainly not enough money to pay back many of you for your tickets.

And as much as we are upset that any of you have lost your money, you must understand 4 things:

1) The deposit money should NOT have come from ticket sales. It should have come from capital that Miss Neff raised with investors or a bank loan.

2) The deposit is now damages to Misha for using his name and image and because he reserved the date for Nanci Neff, we turned down other events, so this money is compensation to him for the event being canceled.

3) The deposit will not be refunded for the reasons stated above, and most importantly, based on Miss Neff's actions, we do not feel that even if we did send money back, which we are not obligated to do, we do not believe any of the fans would receive it.

4) My company has been slandered about how I negotiated this contract. I have been doing this for 16 years and have used the same contract all over the world, this is the FIRST time any promoter has EVER tried to say that the contract was not valid or that I was in any way unethical in my negotiations.

I stand by my contract, my word, and Misha. We have behaved professionally and with the utmost respect for the fans, which is why we canceled the appearance, so that no more tickets could be sold to the fans when Miss Neff obviously did not have the money to run a convention.

We regret your loss and ask that you truly investigate a promoter before you buy any tickets, especially when the promoter is running an event for the first time.

I hope to see you at other events and you may contact me on Facebook.


Julie Caitlin Brown




publicado por Monik às 16:13

eu estou com vontade de acreditar neles, mas o facto é que todas as convencoes foram canceladas... TODAS!!!
Veronica a 21 de Abril de 2011 às 11:46